The Health Corner
SBMS Flu Action List

I want to point out that at least one of our schools in Santa Barbara has put out a parent letter based on faulty information, because they used residential-college-based sources.  Residential colleges have very different isolation and treatment procedures than a day program like ours.

We have a very simple and straightforward plan because all we can do is simple and straightforward:

  • At ALL our town meetings, I emphasize to the students correct hand washing, sneezing and coughing procedures.
  • We have increased the use of hand sanitizer and hand wipes for frequent surface cleaning (computer keyboards, etc) in all classrooms.
  • Sick kids stay home.  We have the best gatekeeper in the world in Lilli and I can’t emphasize enough how she and all our faculty who already have been flu inserviced will serve to reduce our number of flu cases.
  • Lynne is emphasizing hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer before any food interaction.  New procedures have been implemented which eliminate communal food sources (e.g. Chip bowl, etc.).
  • Our Flu Plan letter should go out to parents this week.

Victor Dominocielo
Director of Health and Safety

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