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Hi, I'm DAVID TETON-LANDIS, and I started on Staff in 2005, started teaching electives the next year and joined the full-time Faculty in 2007. I have one son, Jacob, who graduated with the Class of 2006. My academic background is in psychology (BA & MA) and dance (MFA), and I was a professional dancer in New York in the 1980s with the Mark Morris Dance Group. "Retiring" to Hawaii, I began working in digital media, and worked for Tom Coffman Multimedia before forming my own company, LUMINOUS Interactive Digital Media, which I ran until I joined SBMS. Here I help integrate technology in the classroom, teach digital media classes, do Student/Faculty/Staff tech support, develop the school and Teen Press websites, and create videos for and about SBMS. And of course hike, bike, surf, tent and slog...on SBMS expeditions!

Other versions of the story, not equal, but all true: Short, Middlin', Long.

Students: Here are links to the current courses I'm teaching. Follow the link to the one that applies to you--or whichever one about which you are interested!

SBMS Teen Press
The Teen Press reports on people and events here in Santa Barbara and beyond. We've been as far as Washington, D.C. to report on the inauguration, Las Vegas to report on Interbike, and Austin to cover South by Southwest Festivals. One of our annual highlights is reporting from the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, which we've done every year since 2007 (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013). Taught with John Seigel-Boettner, this is an "honors course" which requires an application and multiple teacher review for admittance.

Flashy Animation
This is an introductory Digital Arts class covering the concepts and techniques of digital animation using Adobe FLASH. We'll discover how to make art move, using frame-by-frame animation like the old Disney cartooners did, then move on to take advantage of digital tools like shape & motion tweening. As our animations get more complex, we'll use Flash's ActionScript to program navigation within and between our projects.

Exploring Photoshop & Flash
Make faces wacky! Make dinosaurs dance! Find out about the basics of creating and editing images in Adobe Photoshop, then transfer the creations to Flash to make them move. This Digital Arts class serves as the "intermediate" class in our 3-class series.

Planet Flash
This is the "advanced" animation class where we combine everything we've learned, and add a lot more scripting (aka "programming") to make our animations interactive...very interactive. We're going to be making games in Flash! This Digital Arts class is available in the third quarter, and students who wish to participate must have completed the previous classes in the series or demonstrate a substantial mastery of Flash concepts and procedures.

Movie Editing in Final Cut Pro X
Finding the story in footage -- the craft of editing.

Shoot & edit your own films, with the empasis in telling a good story. The story you tell will largely be a product of the choices you make in front of the editing screen (and of course your scripting and shooting).

We’ll be spending time learning the basics of FCPX, starting by editing material I provide. We’ll also explore using Photoshop and Adobe After Effects to create or alter materials for our films.

The “main course” will be using images you provide--either from home, the net, or by shooting here on campus. You can work independently or in teams to generate scripts, be or find actors, and shoot sequences, but each person will be editing the material, creating their own unique vision/version of the movie.

Friday Music Videos
We'll stretch reality and add some rhythm and tunes, exploring shooting, editing and special effects in the realm of digital filmmaking. Bring your camera, your songs and your imagination for digital magic during the last quarter of the school year!