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Kelly Rosenheim

I am the 9th grade Spanish teacher and 8th & 9th grade Life Skills teacher. I began working at SBMS in 1990, right after graduating from college. I was a student SBMS and went through Rites of Passage in 1982. Throughout the eight years that I spent in high school and college, I always remained in contact with Middle School.

I attended Chico State University and graduated with degrees in Spanish and Psychology with an emphasis in at-risk youth. I spent my junior year of college in Salamanca, Spain and have been traveling ever since. The majority of my travels have taken me to Europe as well as Central and South America.

I attended SBMS with Marco Andrade, who is currently the Dean of 7th grade. In 2000 we actually got married--you never know who you will meet in junior high school! We have boy and girl twins, Ava and A.J., who blessed us with their arrival in 2005.

When not at school, you can find me with my family at the beach, camping, and spending a lot of time with friends. Having grown up in Santa Barbara, I share a deep connection and history with this town which I adore. I can't imagine living anywhere else!