Development Assistant, Belly Dancing laurie@sbms.org

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Laurie Lauer

I currently work with students in the upper/lower schools during 1st trimester
teaching Belly Dance 101.

I had one child, Claire Lauer, graduate from SBMS in 2004, and I have worked and taught at SBMS for 5 years. In my Development capacity, I like philanthropy and making it possible for people to support the school they love.

My background is a BA in French Lit from UCSB (really applicable in SB….)

I also have 30 years Belly Dance experience – local teacher and performer, previously

self-employed as a Bookkeeper - (sorry, when the strip tease dancer arrives, the Belly Dancer leaves, and the guys who yell “Take it off, take it all off!” get strangled with the veil).