Director of Community Outreach, Admissions, Intern Teacher Development sue@sbms.org

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Sue Carmody

BA – Education & Child Psychology
MA – School Administration
Coaching Certification – Hudson Institute

Like most here at SBMS, I wear a few hats. I am the Admissions Assistant and Community Outreach Coordinator, and with both of these roles I love sharing SBMS with our local community and all kinds of families. I also enjoy creating community partnerships, and connecting our SBMS students with local events here in Santa Barbara and beyond.

I am one of the SBMS mentor teachers, where I provide guidance and support for those newest to the teaching profession. There is never a dull moment here at SBMS!

I have been connected to the education world for the past 25 years – most recently as a 6th grade teacher at Montecito Union. I have also taught college and summer extension classes at UCSB and SBCC.

I provide coaching services to young adults (ages 16-26) who are transitioning from high school to college, and college onto first careers and independent living.