Our 2012-2013 Board
Santa Barbara Middle School is made possible, in a large sense, by the leadership and resourcefulness of our amazingly dedicated Board of Directors. They have generously taken on the responsibility to guide and support the school in hard times and good times. We appreciate them deeply.

Board members for the 2012-2013 year were:


Mark Bloomer, President
Patty Swenson, Vice President
Michelle Konoske, Treasurer
Aniko Huffard, Secretary
Craig Zimmerman, Past President


Steve Besserman
Marguerite Bianchi
Mimi deGruy
Francois DeJohn
Dana Friztler
Christie Glanville
Craig Granet
Glen Kincaid
Nancy Leffert
Don Olson
Eric Sanborn
Ken Saxon
Meghan Skinner
Daphne Tebbe
Shannon Venable

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