SBMS in the 1970s - The Era begins!
1978 Sterling sailing
1978 Phil & students
1979 The early SBMS Family
1979 - snow
1979 Mike jumping
1979 Kathy B.
1979 Backpacking
1979  - Concert in the park
1979 ?
Journaling by lantern light
1979 Maya.
1979 Sailing.
1980 Stacy
1980 First 4 Corners Trip - Phil leading the pack!
SBMS started in the fall of 1977. Margot Kenly, a local educator, wanted to lead a school which offered an alternative opportunity for Junior High School students. Margot was the Head for the first three years of SBMS’ existence, and her vision of a school where the kids never want to go home, came to life.
Mike Schmitt (l)
Pike Reigart (r)