SBMS opened its doors in September of 1977.
Margot Kenly was the Head Master for our first
three years. Margot believed that the Junior High
School years in a child’s life were pivotal. They
needed deliberate energy and focus, more heart
and creativity and more inspiration and challenge.
So, in step behind her inspiration and leadership,
our school was born and flourished.
                                                                    In September of 1980, Kent Ferguson took the    
                                                                    helm as SBMS’ second Head Master. Kent
                                                                    brought his passion for the Native Americans and
                                                                    other world cultures to our center.
                                                                    Along with being the Head Master, Social Studies
                                                                    teacher and original Journeys Leader, Kent
                                                                    brought the bicycle to SBMS and the rest,
                                                                    as they say, is history!
In September, 2000, Steve Lane became SBMS’
third Headmaster. In addition, Steveo has taught
Science at SBMS since Fall of 1980, and continues
to be a teaching Head Master. Steveo has brought
his love of Mountaineering, his dedication to the
heart of the SBMS Mission and inspiring the students
to strive for one’s Personal Best as he continues
to steer the Good Ship SBMS into the future.
   Thirty years after SBMS’ humble beginnings, we have become a cornerstone in the Santa Barbara private school sector. In addition to our exciting and challenging academic program, creative arts, and community involvement, our students continue on three journeys every year: One week in the fall, one week in the winter and two weeks in the spring.    
    The Alumni Reunion, said it all. In November, 2006, we celebrated SBMS’ 30th year. Out of approximately 1000 existing Alumni, 400 were present. Looking around at the reunion at all of you outstanding alumni, and thinking of all the amazing students we still have here today, I couldn’t help recalling of one of our school mottos:
                              Because of Them, Us. Because of Us, Them
    Thanks for all you did to make SBMS foundation strong.   Because of You, Them.
Santa Barbara Middle School
30 Years
Alumni Reunion
November 25, 2006
Steveo's Introduction
Welcome by Whitney
Lila (‘99) reading Kent's Letter
Savannah, SBMS 8th grader, performs
Fac. you may recall: Steveo, Whitney, Kathy, Ann, Kitty, Russ, Kelly, Marco
Faculty: Steveo, Kathy, Annie, Kitty, Kelly (‘82) , Marco (‘84)
Faculty: Pam, Dick, Jim, Brian (‘89), Sam (‘89)
Faculty: Brian, Jake (‘93), Jesse W, (‘90), Caroline (‘99), Karen (‘93)
Annie Bennett (Pratt) Trent, Peg Suding, Brian Burke
Former Faculty: Sam (‘89) & Brian (‘89)
Gordon '86 & Russ
Seth '89 and Zoe '86
Puneet!, '87
Dan & Kitty Hansen (fac: ’81)
The HILDS!- Bob, Jayme (‘93), Adele & additions!!!
Anita (‘91) & Gunisha (‘91)
Brian (‘89) and Olivia
Class of '83: Derin, Katherine, Doug, Robin, Ed, Maureen
Class of ‘97: Braeden, Michelle, Kait, Allegra, Julie, Aniko, Kate, Bret
Shannon, Jeannie, Wendy '87
Gordon '86 & Amelia
Gordon '86 and Jeannie ‘86
Pike '82
Usha, Sarah & Ana '02
Stefan, Briana, Dan, Elizabeth  - ‘94
Tommy, Kerri, Aron, Jevon, Eric -‘98
Kerim ‘93
Laura (‘82), Ed (‘83), Jennie F (‘81), Pike
Kurt (‘81), Susan (‘81), David (‘81), Jared (‘82)
Kerri (‘98) & Brain
Justin (‘95) & Whitney
Kurt Stockton '81 and guest
Jeni McCoy, '92 & Seth Blumberg '89
John (‘85), daughter, and Skye '85
Jeannie (‘86) & Sarah (‘85)
Jeni & Jenny '93
John, Mara & Shawn '85
Heidi (‘92) and Jeni (‘92)
Genny & Amber '91
Heidi M & Breehan YM '01
Class of '81,'82 & '83
Class of ’96 Brian, Kyra, Kara, chelsea, JJ
'93-Rachel, Jenny, Jake, Karen, Christos,Lynn, Lauren, Gabe, Kerim, Jayme.jpg
Class of ‘01
Dorien (‘91), Robin (’88) & Becca (‘92)
Class of 1998
Derin Stockton '83
Class of 2000
Class of 1999
Class of ‘88: Hutch, Will, Robin, Tim, Noah
Dominique & Paul
(Ed ‘83), Pike (‘82), Sophie (‘82), Kurt (‘81), Susan (‘81)
Daniel '02 and Whitney
Derin, '83 and Sophie, '82
Class of ‘92: Erik, Erika, Becca, Jeni, Jeni, Heidi, Jon
Class of ’99 & ‘00: Alex, Milard, Jake, Derek, Aaron, Norty, Philip, Aron
Michael, Becca, Tonya '84
Class of 1985: Adrienne, Skye, John, Sarah, Shawn
Arron (‘95)
Amanda (‘95), Rita, Max & Alex (‘99)
Amanda (‘95), Jesse (‘90), Warren (‘95), Megan (‘95), Maya (‘95)
Heidi (‘92), Christine
Alex (‘95)
Husband, Amber (‘91), Anita (‘91), Al (‘90), Genny (‘91)
Caroline DeLoreto ‘99
’95: Megan, Sean, Amanda, Maya, Adam, Warren,Ryan, AYM,Rob, JM,Mike
Jenny &, Traford (‘93)
Matt ‘99
Rita, Max and Alex (‘99)
Ryan (‘95)
Rob (‘95)
Ted, Whitney, Arno
“92: Wife, Heidi, Adam, Aeon, Casey
Warren (‘95)
Max’ 05, Dawson 07, Doug, Rivers ‘05, Bob