The Bike Monkeys are our Knights in Shining Armor! We couldn’t do our bike Expeditions without them.
Thanks to Kent for Starting the Tradition. Windy, John S-B, Caroline and Jesse K Carry it on!
Bike Monkeys!
1981 Shannon, Kerry
1984 Ian McKenna
1985 Cuyama 7 hours
1987 Avenue of the Giants
1987 Puneet
1988 Seth - a hard working Bike Monkey!
1989 fixing a flat - Kent, Liz
1992 Bike Monkeys
1993 Bike Monkeys
1994 Bike Monkeys
1995 Monkeys
2000 This is the LIFE!!!!
1997 Colorado Snow
2005 Bike Monkeys
Bike Monkeys 2006