The Early 1990s
1990 - The Caravan
1990 Jason, Adam
1990, Jeni & Whitney
1990 Becca (future SBMS Board member!)
1991 - Shopping  Elio  & Rainsong
1991 Ara & Jeni
1991 Casey & Gabe
1991 - folding laundry! Adam, Vanessa, Daniel
1991 Matt & Elio
1991 Queen Elizabeth’s Visit
1992 Bike Monkey Class
1992 riding break: Ara, Jason, Marica, Nora
Jake L in 7th, 1992
1992 - Jayme, Bob & Randy
1992 Sophia & Rivers
1993 Maya & Kyra
1993 Jonathan & Arron.
1993 Jenny & Marco
1993, October, Aniko
1993 Zoe, Steveo & Shannon
kiva ladder
1993 Bike Monkey Class
The early 1990s took us through San Simeon, the Gold Country, We rode the Road to Light, we crossed over into Oregon, lived the Four Corners, Owens Valley and Catalina Island.
Cooking: We rode into camp (after 20-50 miles) and 2 students from each cook group took $4.00 per day, per person in their cook group (about 10 - so that’s $40,00), got in a van with their shopping list were driven to the closest grocery store and shopped for dinner, breakfast and lunch for their cook group for that night and the next day. Then they drove back to camp, made dinner for the entire cook group, cleaned up, woke up the next morning, made and cleaned up breakfast, and set out lunch, then cleaned THAT up, put everything away in the trailers (coolers, all pots, pans, utensils, stove, propane etc) and went to the map meeting!