The Early 2000s
2000 the Bike Monkey Room!
2000 Owens Valley
2000 This is the LIFE!!!!
2000 Cooking in the shadow of Mt. Whitney
2000 - the Ballet is Born!
2001 Buffalo on Catalina!    Joey & Daniel
2001 Sophia on Catalina
2001 Coyote at the Crossroads
2002 Mt Rainer
2002 Cameron riding in after RIDING ACROSS AMERICA!!!
2003 Andrew
2003 Kayak
2003 Ashes
2003 Lake San Antonio
2003 Songfest - Critter
2003 Songfest - Lauren S
2003 Songfest - Isa
2003 Songfest - Henry
By the time the 2000s arrived, Kent had served as Headmaster at SBMS for 20 years, and he decided to move on to other Horizons. Kent’s vision and leadership put SBMS on the map. What we have at our foundation is due to his ideas, direction and guidance. Stephen Lane became our new Headmaster.  Steveo had begun teaching at SBMS in the fall of 1980 as the Science Teacher, and understood the nuances of what makes SBMS tick. Steveo kept many of the traditions alive and added some of his own love of the sea to the mix. We had added Kayaking to our program. The Good Ship SBMS sailed into the 21st Century!