The Late 1980s
1986 Betatakin Adam & Osi
1987 Sag Stop - Rene &Jenner
1988 Meeting - Gioia, Jon, Brian, Ginny, Gunisha
1988 with Gary Hart, CA State Senator
1988 Hans writing "Frogs in a Blender"!
1988 Seth - a hard working Bike Monkey!
1988 Andy
1988 Gabe, Matt & Daraka Cooking
1988 John climbing Sheep Ranch Road
1988 - Yosemite - Whitney, Soma, Russ, Kerryn
1988 Jesse W - (future SBMS English teacher),
& Jonathan
1989 Camp - See Jesse K sitting on the rock - (future SBMS Science Teacher!)
1989 fixing a flat - Kent, Cecelia & Liz
1989 riding in to Monument Valley - 50 miles
1988 Domi & Vanessa
1988 Anita - Work Internship
1998 Josh K, Sam, Hans: Science Fair
Climbing out of a Kiva
1989 Kokopeli Country - Arrow to the Sun
1989 Jesse K. (future SBMS Science teacher)
Late in the 1980s we journeyed up Sheep Ranch Road in the Gold Country and over Seven Mountains in Seven Days in our own Santa Barbara Back country. We headed out to Kokopeli Country and froze up at Bates Camp on the Wilderness Road.
 1986    David Strobel taking a sip.    Banks taking a nap.