The Late 1990s
1997 Colorado Snow
1997 Josh & Luke
1997 Friends.
Claire, Day, Bret, Brian, Allegra, Aniko
1997 lunch stop
Brian, Matt, Pam, Bess, Kerri, Alyssa
1997 Touring Hoover Dam
1997, Wupatki, Tommy
1997 "Mickey Mouse" Monument Valley
1997 Taylor at Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon.
1997 Six O'Clock Sunrise Swim
1997 BROS!: Marco & Shannon
1997 Monument Valley
1997 Up out of the Mancos Valley
1998 Owens Valley
1998 Thomas & Todd
1998 White Mounains
1999 Catalina
1999 Lindsey coming out of the Kiva
1999 The Road to Cold Mountain
1999 Natty, Jono, Emilie
In the Late 1990s we traveled the Oregon Trail, From the Sea to the Source of the Santa Ynez River. We heard Larger Voices Calling and we celebrated our One Millionth Mile!