The Mid 1990s
1994 - The Canyon Trilogy - Afif & Devin
Vanessa, Jake (Future SBMS Math Teacher), Bryce, Myndi
1994 Crosby emerging!
1994 Justin & Bret
1995 Marissa - Monument Valley
1995 - Ascending the ladder at Mesa Verde
1995 riding to Keet Seel
1995 Warren
1994 - Lake Mead - Trevor, Joss, Mike, Ari, David
1995 - Kiva at Wupatki
1995 Camilla, Maya, Amanda, Callie, Kirsten.
1995 Emily at Mesa Verde.
1995 Monkeys!
1995 Journey to the Heart
1995 Maya, Callie, Gretchen, Trevor
1995 JAcob, Rivers, Isaac, ?, Dawson
1995 Josh.
1994 Calaveras Big Trees
1994 - Melanie Climbing Sheep Ranch Road!
1994 Ebbett's Pass - Dreams with Thunder
Ethan, 2000
1994 Bike Monkey Class
1994 Anita, Dawson, Rivers, Sophia, Kendra, Harrison
1995 - American River of Gold.jpg
1996 - Oregon - Dirt Bags!
Dirtbagging with Erica
Kirsten, inside the Great Kiva, Aztec, NM.
By now the Bike Monkeys were a solid part of our trip system. It was the Bike Monkeys who trained all year to help us continue to roll when we got underway.
Bike Monkeys started in Kent’s Garage at his house, and Kent was the Bike Monkey Teacher. John slowly became an integral part of the Bike Monkey Program, and Windy soon was there helping too.