Alumni Appeal
“The future of the Santa Barbara Middle School can be sensed in its past. Parents, teachers and teenagers working in an experimental education community. The fire with its songs and its lessons surrounded by kids who are literally surrounded by teachers while symbolically surrounded by parents. Diamonds encased within circles. True students and true teachers on inner journeys of mind and heart and outer journeys of roads and adventures. An honoring of the past, of the human spirit and of other cultures on the globe. This school was born to cut a groove in ourselves and for others. It is our hope that it continues to do so. Santa Barbara Middle school has always been a vision, a hope, a quest. A teacher on one side of the log and a student on the other. A school on the move; constantly changing on the outside yet the same at the core. A gamble, a mystery; reaching up, reaching in and reaching out.”

-Kent Ferguson

Greetings Fellow SBMS Alumni!

I am sure there are parts of the quote above that you can relate to…or even hear Kent, Steveo, or Brian saying around a campfire somewhere in the southwest. For me, the quote above beautifully articulates what is at the core of SBMS and why it made such a lasting impression on all of us. Whether it was the teachers, the trips, the fire, the triumphs or the challenges, the school has left its indelible mark on all of us. Now as alumni, it is time for us to recognize that we are the school’s tie to its past and the present and future SMBS family is looking to us for our support and wisdom.

As a current SBMS Trustee I have the privilege of serving the school and the opportunity to observe its undertakings and achievements. I am happy to report that the school’s spirit described above lives on in the halls of the new Jefferson Campus. I'm proud and excited about the work our alma mater is doing. As you know, SBMS has always been committed to making a difference in the world. Whether it's through the school’s commitment to active citizenship, the arts, sports or experiential learning, SBMS is equipping its students with resiliency, compassion and curiosity.

In the spirit of gratitude, I hope that you will be able to join me this year in contributing to the school’s Annual Fund by making a gift at any level you can as a gesture gratitude for the mark the school has left on you. More important than your individual dollar amount is the action of contribution. Let’s show SBMS that we are supportive and invested in the school’s future with 100% alumni participation!

As an added incentive, the top three classes with the highest participation in the Annual Fund will receive their class photo!

On a personal note, thank you for all the memories, the laughter, the effort, and your help. May this letter find you happy, healthy, and ready for the New Year.

With gratitude,

Aniko Huffard
Class of 1997

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