Bike Monkeys
A Tradition of Assistance

The Bike Monkey program has been an integral part of the school since 1980, when the first group of students (all girls) were trained in bicycle repair and given the task of aiding their fellow travelers. But Bike Monkeys do more than bicycle mechanics--they are charged with the responsibility to lead. This leadership takes many forms, the foremost of which is service (fixing flats & broken chains, loading and unloading bikes during travel, hauling tools and supplies), but which also means providing support and encouragement to other students, especially during challenging times--on those long climbing rides or cold rainy days. Bike Monkeys perspire to inspire. They are a pillar of the Outdoor Education program. Bike Monkeys have grown from the original small group of eight to its current size of 31, following a tradition of providing service and leadership, and giving back to the community.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as a Bike Monkey. Students are admitted to the program after passing the training program, and then being evaluated by a group of teachers. The current Bike Monkey program is lead by teacher (and SBMS alum) Jesse Kasehagen. Past leaders have been former Headmaster Kent Ferguson, SBMS alum and former teacher Brian Bargiel, former teacher Windy Wagoner, and teacher John Seigel Boettner. Each year the Monkeys elect a Captain or Co-Captains from within their ranks; for 2010-11 the Co-Captains are Morgan and Curtis.

Bike Monkeys 2006
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Bike Monkey Insights: An Oral History

Get an insight into the structure, culture and history of the Bike Monkey program by viewing interviews with current leader Jesse Kasehagen and former leader John Seigel Boettner, as they respond to questions from members of the SBMS Teen Press.

2] How or why did the program get started, and who was behind it?
5] What is the most important thing that Bike Monkeys should learn?
6] What's the most important tool for a Bike Monkey?
7] How are Bike Monkeys better prepared for trips and life?
8] How did Bike Monkeys get their name?
9] What is the best part of being a Bike Monkey?
10] How long did you lead Bike Monkeys, and why did you leave?
11] Why bike?
12] Did you consider doing something else?
13] What has changed over the years?
14] Why don't you still repair police bikes?
15] How is the Bike Monkey program important to SBMS?
1] What is the mission/purpose of BikeMonkeys?
4] What are the most important qualities for a Bike Monkey to learn?
3] How do you choose Bike Monkeys?
16] How does Bike Monkeys give back to the community?