School Journeys
2006-2007 "Explore, Learn, Connect"

All-School Fall Trip, October 2006
"Reaching In, Reaching Out", Lake San Antonio, California
A collection of silent slideshows, each centered around a theme.

7th Grade Bikes & BOBs, March 2007
"Oh-Hi-BOBs", Ventura & Ojai
A collection of slideshows with music, one for each day of the trip.

End-of-the-Year Trips, June 2007
6th & 7th Grades "Rollin' With Darius", Santa Barbara back-country
Pre-Trip Preparation | Video Recap

8th & 9th Grades "Voices, Visions, Virtues--The Spirit Trail", Arizona
Trip videos from the June Town Meetings have been broken down into more easily downloadable chapters.