School Journeys
2008-2009 "Plan to Attend, Plan to Succeed"

Plymouth Adventure Day, September 2008
Santa Barbara and Goleta, 6th & 7th Grades
Sunrise Swim | More Mesa Ride | Goleta Beach Romp
A day of exploration, learning new skills, and community-building for the 6th & 7th Grades.

Academic Expedition, September 2008
"From the Vision to the Source", Channel Islands, 9th Grade
Video Recap
A special 9th Grade trip to study the biology and ecology of the Channel Islands and surrounding marine sanctuary.

All-School Fall Trip, October 2008
"Teamwork", Santa Ynez Valley, California
Pre-Trip Preparation | On-the-Road Reports
The Fall Trip Letter, with links to equipment and forms. Trip video TBA.

Mid-Year Expeditions, March 2009
Winter Trip Letter (PDF)
Description of the March offerings of small-group trips.

Pre-Trip Preparation: OHIBOBS | Catalina Backpacking

End-of-the-Year Expeditions
"Home: Know About It" - 6th & 7th Grades
Expedition website | VIDEO WRAP-UP
"Ancient Trails: Spirals From The Source" - 8th & 9th Grades
Expedition preparation pages | VIDEO WRAP-UP