Discovering Inner Strength

SBMS's unparalleled outdoor education program takes students and staff on rigorous expeditions in the wilderness--with self-discovery in mind. These "trips" do not resemble in any way a vacation, they are learning adventures. We take students by bike, boot or boat on journeys where they learn about pushing through personal boundaries while building communities.
We honor each other and the environment, using nature as a laboratory for understanding. And although we often use the term "trip" or "trip program," it's shorthand for a process that demands considerable physical effort, responsibility and cooperation--a "Hero's Journey."

Santa Barbara Middle School takes safety seriously. Trip planning involves the whole staff, headed by a full-time trip coodinator and several associates, utilizing the skills amassed over the course of 30 years of travels. All faculty and trip staff hold annually renewed American Red Cross certifications in First Aid and CPR for the Professional Rescuer, and we currently have three certified Emergency Medical Technicians, one Nurse and one Medical Doctor who travel with the school.

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