Signing on to your new Google Account

Everyone gets one--linked to your "" email address.

By adopting Google Apps for Education (GAFE), we're enabling new classroom tools as well as upgrading our email service to use Gmail servers. When you sign onto your new Google account for the first time, you'll use a simple formula to get initial access. As part of the process, though, you'll create a NEW password that will allow you to log on in the future, as well as act as your email password. (SO WRITE IT DOWN--or the digital equivalent--when that time comes. You'll need it later!)

Here's how to proceed:

1) Click on this link to navigate to a Google log on page, which will open in a new tab while keeping this page open:

2) If you ARE logged in under a different account, open a new window or tab, and navigate to a Google service (e.g.,, and log out by clicking on the account icon in the upper right corner, then on "Sign out".
Then click on the original tab to return to signing in on your new GAFE account.
3) Continue the process of signing onto your new GAFE account by entering your SBMS email address, and then click the blue "Next" button.
4) Enter your one-time password based on the following formula: Yourfirstname1321. Note that because the password must be 8 characters long, if your first name has only 3 letters (I’m talking to YOU, Pam and Amy), the initial for your last name will be tagged on (PamB1321 and AmyD1321).
5) Accept the terms on (or linked from) the very welcoming "Welcome to your new account" screen. Or cancel...(and by the way--you're fired!)
5) Create a new password. Make it good (there's a link to password considerations), but MAKE A RECORD. File it in a TextEdit document, Notes, or a password database. You'll need this to keep using your email software (e.g., Mail, Entourage, Outlook)...and to get back into Google Apps!
6) Success! Click the "Get Started" button to view a partial list of the Google Apps for Education, characterized as "Your services at".
7) Click on the "waffle" icon to view or navigate to more services/apps. It's located to the left of your account name in the upper right corner of the Google screen. This is also a partial list of available apps. To see or navigate to more, click on the...(yes, you guessed it) "More" button!
8) Google CLASSROOM is buried at the bottom of the list. (Note that you can rearrange the icons by clicking and dragging to a new position in the list. You might want to move Classroom up closer to the top!)

Congratulations--you're done for now! If you want to, jump back to step 2 to log out of your new Google account. Voila!