Because of Them, Us. Because of Us, Them.

The Gratitude Circle
In 2016, Ernie Brooks Jr. bequeathed to SBMS the extraordinary Jefferson Campus, ensuring that our school has a permanent home in which to grow and thrive. In honor of Ernie and all others who have nurtured our school, we have created The Gratitude Circle, which supports the longevity of the SBMS mission and the opportunity to serve future generations.

A legacy gift through The Gratitude Circle can go towards:
  • The Scholarship Fund to provide educational opportunities for students who otherwise wouldn’t have access to our school due to financial barriers;
  • The Carpe Diem Fund for developing curriculum that keeps the student the center focus of the teachings; or
  • The SBMS Endowment Fund to secure long-term financial stability for our school.
Leave Your Legacy
We recommend speaking with your estate planner and then contacting the SBMS Development team to discuss the option of leaving a planned gift to the school. We will provide all necessary tax information and paperwork for inclusion in your will, and additionally can make recommendations on the giving approach that would best suit both your family and the school’s needs, ensuring that your gift has the greatest impact possible.
SBMS accepts a range of planned gifts including bequests, stock, and in-kind gifts. If you have questions, please contact Colin Donovan Wyatt.
To learn more about the Kitchen or to make a gift, email our Director of Development, Colin Donovan Wyatt.
SBMS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and all donations are tax-deductible. Our Tax ID is 95-3134383.