Learning Specialist Recognized

Pam Boswell was recognized by Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors for her lifetime work.
About 50 teachers, alumni, students and parents attended the weekly meeting of Santa Barbara County’s Board of Supervisors to witness one of their favorite teachers, Pam Boswell, receive recognition for her lifetime of work.

In a resolution adopted on October 2, 2018 by the Board of Supervisors of Santa Barbara County, Pam Boswell was recognized for “dedicating her career to empowering students with different learning abilities to have the confidence in their abilities and to advocate for themselves.” In the same resolution, the Board of Supervisors also designated October 2018 as Dyslexia Awareness Month.

“To not feel limited by one’s learning style and to know that we can all pursue any passion or dream that we may have,” is the mindset that Pam Boswell, who has worked as a Learning Specialist for 40 years and currently at Santa Barbara Middle School as Director of the school’s Learning Accommodation and Support program.

Every student is different, and Boswell wants her students to be seen and celebrated for their unique attributes. A visit to Boswell’s classroom will find students working on everything from prioritizing tasks and assignment due dates, to generating new ideas for an upcoming to essay to test prep and organizing class materials. Boswell’s classroom environment provides both the joy and safety, as well as the accountability that builds successful habits that yield empowered, independent students.

Boswell explains this well as she shares a story of a student she taught who had spelled the word “the” seven different ways in an essay, and who happily exclaimed when she is finished, “I really want to be a writer. I just love the art of writing stories!”

Boswell has served the past five years on both the local and southern California Consortium chapters of the Orton Dyslexia Society Board, an offshoot of the International Dyslexia Association. She has served on the advisory board for the Dyslexia Awareness and Resource Center for 17 years where she helped organize their annual “The Vision and the Task” Conference for 10 of those years. She was also a member of the first Dyslexia Task Force for the Santa Barbara Unified School District in 1990.

In 1977 Boswell received her B.S in Special Education and Physical Education at Northern Arizona University. She taught three years at Canyon del Oro High School in Tucson, Arizona where she also did graduate work at University of Arizona. From there she move on to teach nine years at Alvin High School in Texas.  Boswell did additional graduate work at the University of Colorado, Greeley, and the University of Houston at Clearlake. She has worked as the Learning Specialist at Santa Barbara Middle School since 1991.