Since our inception, Santa Barbara Middle School has benefitted from the dedication, strong leadership and resourcefulness of amazingly talented and committed individuals. The stellar team that has served as our Board of Trustees for more than forty years has steered the school through challenging transitions and great victories. We deeply appreciate them all. 

2019-20 Board of Trustees Roster


List of 5 members.

  • Michael Hamman 

  • Ian Smith 

  • Amy Schneider 

  • Michael Randolph 

  • Tiffany Foster 


List of 17 members.

  • Sunita Beall 

  • Kim Cantin 

  • Thomas Dabney 

  • Tricia Fahnoe 

  • Jared Ficker 

  • Ramon Gupta 

  • Wendy Ibsen 

    Class of 1987
  • Peter Lewis 

  • Greg McPhee 

  • Erik Nielsen 

  • Abraham Powell 

  • Jim Prudden 

  • Amy Schneider 

  • Rob Skinner 

  • Ian Smith 

  • Jesse Smith 

    Class of 2000
  • Adriana Solano