It’s what we do. Our adventures change over time, but our reasons for journeying remain the same: SBMS expeditions challenge us to push through personal boundaries while building crucial skills, such as self-confidence, responsibility and cooperation. The scenery, and taking full advantage of nature’s classroom, is pretty important too.

Our outdoor expeditions are neither vacations nor optional; they are required course work, and are crucial to our program as a whole. Integration of classroom academics with artistic, physical, and outdoor projects produces an environment where each program reinforces the others in a balanced and well-rounded way. 

All students and teachers participate in three extended trips a year. Electives and adapted curriculum units may provide additional opportunities to some students at certain times. Expedition planning involves the whole staff, headed by a full-time trip coordinator and several associates, and is informed by the school’s 40+ years of successful travel.


Student well-being is our number one priority. All faculty and trip staff hold annually renewed American Red Cross certifications in First Aid and CPR for the Professional Rescuer, and we currently have three certified Emergency Medical Technicians, one Nurse and one Medical Doctor who travel with the school.
My big take away on this trip was seeing just how much character is developed and nurtured in the students. Yes they learn that they have the inner strength to conquer their mountains, but no where else do I see how being a good, kind person, being a leader, taking responsibility, looking out for others, is not only modeled, but encouraged in thousands of ways.

These values are modeled by the most caring, thoughtful and fun adults that fully encourage each child to be the best individual they can be, and by each and every grade as the kids look for inspiration from older peers. -Betsy Heafitz, parent of Leslie ('19) & Solomon ('17)