Our faculty and staff dedicate their careers to educating children during their Middle School years. They are passionate about engaging and supporting each student, and the kinship students develop with their teachers while taking academic, emotional, physical and creative risks in a safe and accepting environment is the foundation for success in the classroom and beyond.

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Brian McWilliams

    Brian McWilliams 

    Head of School / World History, 9th Grade
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  • Photo of Bianca Vega

    Bianca Vega 

    Assistant Head of School
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List of 15 members.

  • Photo of Amanda Kamlet

    Amanda Kamlet 

    Social Studies, Grade 6
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  • Photo of Angie Rose

    Angie Rose 

    Counselor and Life Skills Teacher
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  • Photo of Anne Chen

    Anne Chen 

    Admin & Information Technology
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  • Photo of Bridget McIlrath Johnson

    Bridget McIlrath Johnson 

    Assistant to Head of School / Financial Aid Coordinator / Registrar
    Class of 1981
  • Photo of Bruce Davis

    Bruce Davis 

    Trip Staff / Bike Program
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  • Photo of Colin McNulty

    Colin McNulty 

    Asst. Director of Educational Technology / STEM / Electives / Outdoor Ed
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  • Photo of Daniel Lower

    Daniel Lower 

    Music Electives
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  • Photo of Danielle Bean

    Danielle Bean 

    Physics, 9th Grade / Ocean Science, 6th Grade / 6th & 7th Life Skills
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  • Photo of Darren Brews

    Darren Brews 

    Communications Director | Development Team
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  • Photo of David Teton-Landis

    David Teton-Landis 

    Dir. of Educational Technology / Digital Arts / Teen Press / AV Production / Trip Staff
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  • Photo of Elyse Grossman

    Elyse Grossman 

    English, 8th Grade / Yoga Teacher / Outdoor Education
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  • Photo of Eric Lehman

    Eric Lehman 

    Drama / Art / Video / Music / Afterschool Theater
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  • Photo of Erik Edwards

    Erik Edwards 

    Electives / Sports / Trip Staff / Surf Team Coach / Warehouse
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  • Photo of Erin Finnegan

    Erin Finnegan 

    Director of Outdoor Education / Warehouse
    Class of 1986
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  • Photo of Erin Riley

    Erin Riley 

    Math, 6th, 7th & 8th Grades / Trip Coordinator
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List of 14 members.

  • Photo of Harmony Towne

    Harmony Towne 

    Development & Admissions Associate
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  • Photo of Jake Lindelof

    Jake Lindelof 

    Math, 8th & 9th Grade / Coach / Electives / Outdoor Education
    Class of 1993
  • Photo of Jenna Newburn

    Jenna Newburn 

    Dean of 6th Grade / Humanities, 6th Grade / World History, 9th Grade
  • Photo of Jenni-Elise Ramirez

    Jenni-Elise Ramirez 

    Development & Admissions Associate
    Class of 2002
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  • Photo of Jesse Kasehagen

    Jesse Kasehagen 

    Science, 7th Grade / Dean of the Bike Program
    Class of 1990
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  • Photo of Jesse Wooten

    Jesse Wooten 

    Dean of 9th Grade / English, 9th Grade / Spanish, 6th Grade/ Sports / Chess / Ukulele
    Class of 1990
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  • Photo of Jonathan Davis

    Jonathan Davis 

    Dean of 7th Grade / 7th Grade Human Geography / Electives / Trip Staff
    Class of 1986
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  • Photo of John Pasini

    John Pasini 

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  • Photo of Kara Oopik

    Kara Oopik 

    Office Manager
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  • Photo of Kelly Rosenheim

    Kelly Rosenheim 

    Spanish, 9th Grade / Life Skills, Grades 8 & 9 / 9th Grade Community Service Coordinator
    Class of 1982
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  • Photo of Laurie Matthews

    Laurie Matthews 

    HR and Accounting Associate
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  • Photo of Maida Smith

    Maida Smith 

    Business Manager
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  • Photo of Mandy Westerman

    Mandy Westerman 

    Director of Admissions
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  • Photo of Marco Andrade

    Marco Andrade 

    Spanish, 6th & 7th Grade / Electives / Trip Food Mgr. / Songfest
    Class of 1984
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List of 16 members.

  • Photo of Mason Matthews

    Mason Matthews 

    History, Grade 8
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  • Photo of Maureen Lehman

    Maureen Lehman 

    Drama / Art / Video / Music / Afterschool Theater
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  • Photo of Michael Jaeger

    Michael Jaeger 

    Math, 8th & 9th Grade / Electives / Outdoor Education
  • Photo of Nicolas Navarro

    Nicolas Navarro 

    Trip Staff / Electives
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  • Photo of P.A. Tremblay

    P.A. Tremblay 

    Deli Manager
    Class of 2007
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  • Photo of Pam Boswell

    Pam Boswell 

    Learning Disabilities Specialist
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  • Photo of Richard Wilke

    Richard Wilke 

    Resident Artist / Facilities Support / Trip Staff
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  • Photo of Scott Sanderfer

    Scott Sanderfer 

    Trip Staff / Electives
    Class of 1983
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  • Photo of Sophia Phillips

    Sophia Phillips 

    Class of 2010
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  • Photo of Sophie Frieman

    Sophie Frieman 

    Fine Arts
    Class of 1993
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  • Photo of Teresa Jamison

    Teresa Jamison 

    English, 7th Grade / Garden
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  • Photo of Vicki Lindelof

    Vicki Lindelof 

    Math, 6th & 7th Grade / Electives
  • Photo of Victor Dominocielo

    Victor Dominocielo 

    Science, 8th Grade / Health & Safety / Volleyball Coach / Outdoor Education
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  • Photo of Whitney Ingersoll

    Whitney Ingersoll 

    Electives / AV Productions / Trip Staff / Archives
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  • Photo of Will Fredericks

    Will Fredericks 

    Facilities Manager / Fleet Manager / Outdoor Education / Electives
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  • Photo of Wren Miller

    Wren Miller 

    Dean of 8th Grade / Spanish, 8th Grade / Electives / Outdoor Education
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