List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What kind of characteristics is SBMS looking for in a student?

    Students who thrive well at SBMS have many of these qualities: intellectual curiosity and acumen, kindness, self-motivation, adventurous spirit, intrinsic heartiness, self-discipline and integrity.
  • Q: From which schools do the students come?

    Middle School students come from diverse backgrounds and a variety of neighborhood schools throughout Santa Barbara, nearby communities, other states in the US and abroad. SBMS students come with a wide spectrum of talents, yet are all drawn together by a few common values: kindness, cooperation, respect for one another, and a focused passion for learning.
  • Q: Who are the teachers?

    Our deeply committed professional educators believe that junior high school is a critical time to shape exceptional educational trajectories. Our teachers strive to inspire our students to practice and establish life-long habits of initiative, confidence, intellectual exploration and success. Learn more about our current faculty and staff.
  • Q: What does the tuition cover?

    The tuition at SBMS is all-inclusive. This includes all books, electives and sports teams and all of our outdoor expeditions. SBMS outdoor education program is not optional; everyone participates. 
  • Q: What makes SBMS different from other schools?

    We are deeply committed to promoting the paramount connection between experiential adventures in nature with educational goals of learning to analyze, synthesize and move through academic challenges. Our students develop an internal passion for learning. They find safety to embrace their individual gifts to discover how they learn. They become aware of themselves as a student, a friend and a contributing member of the community and the planet.

    Our students earn the joy from pushing past one’s preconceived limits and developing a self-confidence that only comes from facing challenges and pushing through to victory at the other side. The trust and mutual respect between teacher and student transfers to the classroom by creating a space for mentoring, delving deeper with trust and respect that effortlessly flows both ways.
  • Q: Where do students go after SBMS?

    Between 10-20% of our students choose to go to independent high schools for high school. The remainder of our students attend the local public high schools. SBMS students have a very high acceptance rate in all of the academies and independent high schools in Santa Barbara County, as well as in California, the East Coast and other schools across the country. Learn more about the transition to high school and view a list of colleges that our alumni have attended.