giving our students autonomy

DIAMOND TIME begins on campus at 8:15 am, when we host a variety of optional enrichment activities before classes start at 9:15 am. For example, a student may arrive on campus to finish homework in our learning center, work on a computer project in the digital lab, meet individually with a teacher, or get creative in one of our music or art studios. We also offer off-campus activities that might include golfing, surfing, beach volleyball, and/or swimming.

Early bird, dawn patrol, call it what you will...correlations between morning activities and being healthy, wealthy, and wise are timeless and abundant. SBMS' DIAMOND TIME inspires us to get a jump start on the day, while also addressing current brain research, sleep studies, and the needs of the developing adolescent child.

Although voluntary, DIAMOND TIME is similar to our required electives program in that it fosters a practice of discovery, an essential ingredient in a lifelong pursuit of happiness. It is a dynamic program, full of choices, allowing teachers and students to explore the full range of their intellectual curiosities and athletic pursuits.

Diamond Time - Sample Activities

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  • Library

    Sustained Silent Reading
    Quiet Study Hall
  • Math Labs

    Various math teachers are available throughout the week.
  • Art Studio

    Stained Glass
    Wood Block
    Various Projects
  • Performing Arts

    Instrumental and Vocals
    Jazz Band
  • Sports (Off Campus)

    Surf Team
    Ocean Swim
  • Other

    Test Prep
    Community Service Club
    Ted Talks