learning by doing: careers & service

During our Career Study Week (CSW) program, students gain experience being in a workplace and are taught skills to get a job. CSW gets our students out into the community to learn by doing. These opportunities give our students insight into the real working world that lies ahead, as well as a genuine appreciation for those businesses and community members that make Santa Barbara so unique.

CSW is a required (and very educational and FUN) opportunity for the students. Each student needs to complete his/her 25-30 hours within those eight days. CSW runs 8 days before the Thanksgiving Break (in concert with the Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences). Families are expected remain in town until the beginning of Thanksgiving Break, so that their child can complete this important assignment.

Tailored to fit the needs and abilities of the different grade levels, Career Study Week takes different forms:

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  • 6th Grade

    Late in the fall, during CSW, our 6th grade travels north to the Gaviota coast to spend three days camped on the shores of El Capitan State Beach. On the way north, we stop at the UCSB REEF touch tanks to learn about the creatures that inhabit our nearshore tidepools, collect and analyze the specimens with the help of UCSB graduate students and then walk around the beautiful campus -- stopping at the labyrinth of course! Afterward, we set up camp and walk the beach down to the point, resting under the oak groves of El Capitan. On the second day, we hike up to Gaviota Peak, 2,500 feet above the Pacific. Students will have some quiet solo time to reflect on something they would like to "let go of" and we will have a ceremony that night. On day three, we travel to the Arroyo Hondo Preserve for a guided tour and stream monitoring activity before heading back to SBMS. Thursday and Friday of the week are dedicated to ERB prep and Conference Reflections in the morning and Wilderness Youth Project and Maritime Museum in the afternoons. It is a fantastic week of connecting within our class community as well with the greater community we get to call home. 
  • 7th & 8th Grade

    Since SBMS began the CSW program in 1978, we have been helping 7th and 8th grade students experience work in local businesses where they gain hands-on experience. While each student has a different work experience, they all follow the same process and are guided by the 70‐page CSW Workbook, which outlines the curriculum and process for their 25-hour workweek. The workbook also contains assignments for the week, including interviewing their parent, cooking a family meal after a day of work, writing a resume and a thank you letter to the employer.
  • 9th Grade

    Our 9th grade students take their work into the realm of community service, where they learn by serving at organizations such as Direct Relief International, Hillside House, and the Boys and Girls Club. Ninth-graders individually earn approximately 30 hours toward their community service requirement for high school graduation.
When I first walked through those doors I knew I was going to work and to help people. What I didn't know was the unconditional love I would receive. -Clare Schneider, 7th Grade, CSW at Sarah House

Thank you for participating in our Career Study Program!

AB Design
Adobe Pet Hospital
Bicycle Bob’s Goleta
Blenders In the Grass
Bundt Cakes Ventura
Cajun Kitchen
California Pizza Kicthen
Camp Canine
Carpinteria Family School
Cat and Bird Clinic
CBB Preschool
C’est Cheese
Cloud 10
Coffee Bean

Cynthia Copeland, DDS
Daily Grind
Dr. Annie, DDS
Dr. Stephanie Lopez, DDS
Esau’s Carpinteria
Fabric Media LA / Jason
Farmer Boy
French Press
Frescos Cafe
Growing Babies
Habitat for Humanity
Harmony’s Preschool
Hazard’s Cyclesport
Helena Avenue Bakery
Here's the Scoop
J-7 Surfboards
Jeannie’s Bakery
Jensen’s Music
KEYT Weather Dept
Kyle’s Kitchen
La Cumbre Vet
Lazy Acres
Loose Pooch
Lucky Llama
Lucky Penny
Mesa Pizza
Metro Comics
Montecito Cheese & Wine
Montecito Coffee Shop
Montecito Pet Shop
Montessori Center School
Mountain Air Sports

My Gym
Natural Cafe
Notes for Notes, Nashville
NPR, Washington, DC
Our Daily Bread
Play it Again Sports
Recipe Bakery
Red’s Salon
Rock Climbing Gym
San Roque Pet Hosptial
Santa Barbara Auto Group
Santa Barbara Bird Santuary
Santa Barbara City Council
Santa Barbara Motorsports
Santa Barbara Running
Santa Barbara Tennis Club

Sarah House
Sensational Pets
Starr King
Surf Air
The Beach House
The Cat House
The Juice Ranch
The Sailing Center
The Shop
The Trim Shop
Trader Joe’s Milpas
Tri County Produce
Velo Pro Hitchcock
Village Properties
Wilderness Youth Project
YMCA Montecito