Welcome to the 6th grade at SBMS! As a 6th grade student at SBMS, you will get a taste of Middle School while still enjoying a small class and fewer teachers than the 7th-9th graders. Sixth graders have a homeroom type schedule with Humanities being a double class period each morning.

In addition to the academics of Humanities class (see tabs below), students have a chance to check in with their teacher, hear school announcements, look at schedules, etc. The rest of the day is rounded out with math, life science, and a wide array of electives. Spanish is taught twice a week and Life Skills twice a week. As a student moves through their day as a 6th grader at middle school, they will see 3 main teachers instead of 5.

Students in sixth grade get a unique experience at SBMS because they are with the same students for the majority of their day. They bond as a class and those bonds stick with them throughout the rest of their time at Middle School. Because the students know each other so well, those relationships work to their advantage in all group projects we do, whether it be the interdisciplinary Shark Tank Inventor's Project in January, the mid-year Backpacking Trek in March, the Spanish Fashion Show, or the numerous lab projects in Science. 

Sixth-Grade Curriculum

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  • 6th Grade Writer’s Workshop

    Our 6th grade weekly Writer’s Workshop class will offer students the creative writing tools aimed at developing their written expression, voice and structure as writers. Writing projects will range from short, expressive pieces of poetry to personal narrative to writing informed, powerful, persuasive essays.  Time will also be allotted to “play" with some fun, artistic publishing techniques; with the goal being to provide students with additional tools that will give voice and creative expression to their written work.  These types of artistic projects will range from colorful, bold, statement collages, to watercolor botanical drawings,  to whimsical, interpretive self-portraits.
  • Humanities 6

    In our 6th grade Humanities class, Language Arts will be taught in conjunction with Social Studies. Students will explore ancient civilizations by reading great literature, written expression, as well as listening and speaking. Each unit of study will include interactive and thoughtfully sequenced work: vocabulary and grammar development, written expression, focused literary components, creative writing and poetry, interactive art and technology projects, as well as public speaking presentations. Students will read novels, excerpts from various textbooks, magazines and newspaper articles, as well as other primary and secondary sources. Students will learn to cite textual evidence, determine theme and central ideas of bodies of writing, how plots unfold, character development. Writing skills will improve throughout the year due to drafting processes as well as peer editing.
  • Math 7GLA

    We will be studying the Math 7 curriculum, but will leave space to review some sixth grade topics as needed. We will learn about proportional relationships, probability, operations with rational numbers, working with expressions and linear equations, scale drawings, working with two and three-dimensional shapes and much more. Students will develop a deeper sense of mathematical reasoning. They will make sense of problems and persevere in solving them, reason abstractly and quantitatively, construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others, and model with mathematics.  I am excited to help students explore, create and innovate with numbers, operations and reasoning, as they use mathematics as a tool for understanding and analyzing the world around us.
  • Math 6GL

    We will warm up the school year using puzzles and games to expand our thinking both logically and numerically. 6th grade math capacities to be introduced and/or mastered in this course are: greatest common factor, connecting percents, decimals and fractions, rates and ratios, absolute value, variables, combining like terms, distributive property, order of operations, area and perimeter of 2-dimensional shapes, area models, surface area and volume of 3-dimensional shapes, probability, and single variable data representations.  These units will be taught through a variety of means including traditional skills practice, technological resources, interactive activities, and real-world applications within our science curriculum.
  • Science 6

    The goal for this course is for students to leave with a lifelong curiosity about their natural world. Therefore, this course envelops many different topics within both life and physical science. Topics include scientific method; marine sciences; states of matter; density and buoyancy; atomic structure; astronomy; and current events within the scientific world. More topics will be introduced as the teacher familiarizes herself with the dynamics of the group and their individual interests. The hope is to continue to diversify the class curriculum in such a way that each student will discover a new interest and appreciation within the scientific field.
  • Cultural Studies

    At SBMS our 6th grade Cultural Studies program is a dynamic and evolving program that focuses on engaging students in learning about different cultures around the world. The course places emphasis on Latin American countries and weaves in conversational Spanish as a way to maintain Spanish fluency for those who have previously had it as well as introduce the Spanish language to beginners.

Meet Our Teachers

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  • Photo of Jenna Newburn

    Jenna Newburn 

    Dean of 6th Grade / Humanities, 6th Grade / World History, 9th Grade
  • Photo of Danielle Bean

    Danielle Bean 

    Physics, 9th Grade / Ocean Science, 6th Grade / 6th & 7th Life Skills
  • Photo of Jesse Wooten

    Jesse Wooten 

    Dean of 9th Grade / English, 9th Grade / Spanish, 6th Grade/ Sports / Chess / Ukulele
    Class of 1990
  • Photo of Vicki Lindelof

    Vicki Lindelof 

    Math, 6th & 7th Grade / Electives
  • Photo of Erin Riley

    Erin "Erin" Riley 

    Math, 6th, 7th & 8th Grades / Trip Coordinator
  • Photo of Sue Carmody

    Sue Carmody 

    Admission Assistant
  • Photo of Amanda Kamlet

    Amanda Kamlet 

    Social Studies, Grade 6

6th grade highlights

  • "Inventor's Project" 
  • 5-day Backpacking Trip in March designed to strengthen relationships and build new ones
  • Ongoing Integrated Science and Humanities: Constellation projects, Mummification projects, Human evolution studies
  • Balance between technology and going "unplugged" with pen/paper
  • Marin Expedition