Making a Difference in Our World

At SBMS, our community reaches beyond borders and across continents. Many of our teachers and staff have extensive international travel experience and bring connections to global organization and causes back to our school. Additionally, teachers and staff take students on international expeditions (non-school sponsored), helping to strengthen our school's global outreach. Many students return to school with new passions, often creating fundraising events to support the causes and people they met along their journey.

Some of our global partners include:
  • Rio Beni Health Center - Bolivia
  • Pedal Born Pictures
  • Ubumwe Center - Rwanda 
  • Free the Children 
  • Direct Relief
  • Telluride Mountain Film Festival
  • Creative Visions - My Hero Project
  • Youth Bike Summit
  • Arte al Sole
  • Special Olympics
  • Ride for Rwanda
  • Tibet Cultural Exchange

a few of our global projects

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    Our 7th grade students learn about global awareness, economics, and micro-finance unit while exploring issues of international aid and development. Using, students research and choose a micro-loan recipient and each make a loan of $25. In the process, students learn about the physical and political geography, government, and economic issue of countries around the world. Over the past six years, 356 SBMS students have made loans totaling over $55,000 to 2,154 individuals.
  • Mountain 2 Mountain

  • Special Olympics

  • Tibet Cultural Exchange

    Santa Barbara Middle School continues to build its connection, compassion and collaboration with the Tibetan people by renewing our efforts to support education, and creative and cultural exchange.

     has been sharing teachings of loving-kindness, joy and compassion, as well as the path to enlightenment for almost 30 years. Losang lived and studied over 20 years in the Namgyal Monastery (the monastery of His Holiness the Dalai Lama) earning the highest degree attainable at the monastery, equivalent to a doctoral degree in the West. He also became a Master of Ritual Dance and Sand Mandalas and was the Personal Attendant to His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama prior to moving to the United States in 1988. Ven. Losang Samten is one of the Mandala Masters who created the first public sand mandala in the West in 1988. He is the spiritual director of several Buddhist Centers in North America, with a home base currently in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – the City of Brotherly Love.
SBMS gave me the chance to find where I wanted my place in the world. It gave me the understanding to be able to see the world from different perspectives. I found the person I wanted to be at SBMS. -Elizabeth Bassin, SBMS Alum