The Journey of Discovery: 
Dive in.  Share your gifts.  Begin again.
Dear SBMS Community, 

While the coronavirus was not the mountain we were prepared to climb or the dragon we expected to face, our pandemic journey has taught us many of the valuable SBMS lessons we would have received in the course of a “normal” SBMS year. We have been pushed off the map and out of our comfort zones, forced to adapt to something different and uncomfortable, encouraged to dive in without being able to see what’s below the surface, and we have been invited to begin again . . . and again. 

In addition to meeting all of our academic goals this past year, we have worked together to distill the quintessential functions of our SBMS program and deliver them in new and engaging ways. Through Zoom classes, redesigned electives, and a variety of creative ways to gather around SBMS fires and sunrise swims, we were able to be safe and healthy, while helping our community face the challenges of this pandemic. Our students and families have honored the “SBMS Deal” with their efforts, kindness, and contributions, while the SBMS faculty and staff have kept their end of the Deal by always going the extra mile for our students and by reinventing school as we know it, almost overnight. 

Looking back at this historic year, I am reminded of what we have accomplished together, both prior to the pandemic and through our strong collective response to the challenges it’s presented. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the resiliency, compassion, and dedication this entire community has demonstrated in caring for our children. 

As we search for the silver linings and the lessons of our pandemic journey together, the health and safety of our community will remain our highest priority. We still have a long and unpredictable road ahead of us, but at SBMS, we know how to climb mountains and how to transform adversity into opportunities to learn, to serve, and to grow. 

To the journey together . . .
With love and gratitude,

Brian McWilliams
Head of School
Santa Barbara Middle School