Today the magic that was sparked with that original catalyst of ideas and ingredients that went into starting Santa Barbara Middle School continues to grow, with each new day, each new discovery, and each new smile. 

We embark on our forty-second year with unprecedented sense of purpose, and enormous appreciation for the community that continues to build around us: students, alumni, parents, trustees, faculty, staff, and friends.

Our focus on increasing our capacity to share the SBMS experience more widely is unwavering. Over one-third of students who attend receive financial assistance. In 2015 we established the Access Initiative, a scholarship that provides students a full ride to SBMS. The scholarships are given annually to deserving Santa Barbara students with the greatest financial need. An ongoing commitment to facilitating publications, curriculum, and messaging also serves our goals for reaching a broader audience.

We are filled with gratitude to Ernie Brooks, who has most generously given us the security of a permanent home at our address of 1321 Alameda Padre Serra. However Ernie's biggest gift to the school, and to all who know him, is the example he has set by the way he leads his life.

Our students continue to demand the best we can offer and to deliver the best of themselves. With humility we acknowledge the past and our beginning, with enthusiasm we make the most of each moment, and with great optimism we stride forward--welcoming the future.

Because of them, us. Because of us, them.

With love and gratitude, 

Brian McWilliams
Head of School
Santa Barbara Middle School