• Honor and celebrate each student as an individual and integrate each student harmoniously into the school community.

  • Encourage each student to let their best efforts come forth in an atmosphere of respect and acceptance.

  • Preserve the magical and natural quality of childhood in the student.

  • Maintain an innovative educational environment that fosters the natural growth of the student.

  • Deliver educational experiences that encourage self-exploration.

  • Honor and respect the essence and core of an individual's spiritual striving without aspiring to any particular established religious denomination.

  • Strive to achieve academic excellence through nurturing the growth of the whole person with philosophical, practical, and artistic education, as well as physical challenges.

At Our Core

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    The SBMS education begins with a commitment, called "The Deal," in which students pledge to put forth their best attitude and effort every day. In return, faculty and staff commit themselves both in and out of the classroom to cultivating each student’s academic and personal growth.

    We ask parents to make the same commitment, helping to lay the foundation on which our school is built.


    Through riding and other intensive outdoor activities, students face challenge and adversity which leads to self-discovery and resilience. This process, called “The Hero’s Journey,” is grounded in the field of depth psychology and is at the core of our educational philosophy. 

    Our students learn self-reliance, concern for peers and a life-long attitude of service.

    Ours is a powerful, integrated curriculum informed by archetypes and great intellects. Students take risks: academic, creative, athletic and personal, in safe and natural environments. This leads to success in the classroom and beyond, as students build strong relationships with teachers, students, and members of our community.

    Ultimately they move on, in the direction of their dreams, and in service of what matters to them in the world. Some call it magic; we call it Santa Barbara Middle School. 
Now we are not merely to stick knowledge on to the soul: we must incorporate it into her; the soul should not be sprinkled with knowledge but steeped in it. - Seneca