Can you feel it?

With your first step onto our campus you'll know: SBMS is a place where the arts are happening! Our faculty are accomplished, practicing artists who inspire with top tier teaching skills and their own prolific production.

Through Electives classes, students can experiment with a variety of artistic styles and media in order to discover their own interests, talents and passions. They develop creative thinking processes and gain the skills needed to express their own ideas effectively. Some will choose an exploratory path, while others may develop a pre-professional portfolio that showcases their style and talent.  

By art or by cycle, SBMS gives wheels to self-discovery, confidence and enhanced skills.


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    9th graders at SBMS have the opportunity to take two quarters of Freehand Drawing, a high school level class which is a college preparatory elective and satisfies one semester of the visual and performing arts requirement for UC/CSU admittance. Many students also take this course as preparation if they are interested in being a part of a local high school art academy, for example VADA at Santa Barbara High School.

    SBMS has a long tradition of student photography, digital arts and filmmaking. Our Electives program provides many course choices. Skilled instructors, equipment, and content make for rich productions! Our award-winning TEEN PRESS is just one of the many ways to be involved.

Student Art Exhibit 2019

Meet Our Teachers

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  • Photo of Sophie Frieman

    Sophie Frieman 

    Fine Arts
    Class of 1993
  • Photo of Eric Lehman

    Eric Lehman 

    Drama / Art / Video / Music / Afterschool Theater
  • Photo of Maureen Lehman

    Maureen Lehman 

    Drama / Art / Video / Music / Afterschool Theater
  • Photo of David Teton-Landis

    David "Digital Dave" Teton-Landis 

    Dir. of Educational Technology / Digital Arts / Teen Press / AV Production / Trip Staff
  • Photo of Richard Wilke

    Richard Wilke 

    Resident Artist / Facilities Support / Trip Staff
“Premier organizations today recognize that human intellect draws from many wells; art education gives access to the deepest of those wells.” - Elliot E. Eisner, Stanford art professor