Ellery the Poet

Ellery The Poet

We are so proud of Ellery for keeping poetry alive. Ellery and her mom, Seraphim, were recently acknowledged during National Poetry Month in April, 2024.
"However, Santa Barbara poets, myself included, will continue to poet during the coming months. Santa Barbara will host at least four poetry events in May. We are blessed with a vibrant poetry community. At my writing workshop at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, every seat was filled. I was thrilled to see how many people came to spend a couple of hours writing ekphrastic poetry, poetry in response to art. An unlikely couple who attended was Santa Barbara Middle School student Ellery Green and her mom Seraphim Albrecht. Ellery inspired everyone with her poetry and sketching skills. During the workshop, she had time to compose three poems. The future of poetry is safe."

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